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Alexia Elliott  

Professional Therapist and Teacher

  Clinical Hypnotherapy-NLP,-Timeline Therapy- Shamanism-Spirituality-Spiritual Muse-Personal power Wayfinder-professional listener. 

  You will find my office near the New walk Museum on the fringe of Leicester city. 

 Tel: 07966412209 or email me


Fees: £70.00 per hour 

           £110.00  1.5hour

           £35.00  for a 30-minute Mindspa. A mindspa is uniquely crafted to suit you. We often focus on boosting confidence and self-esteem and let go off stress and anxiety.  The deep relaxing hypnosis has been described as,  "a massage for the thinker's mind".)  This is a one-off session or a regular treatment. 


How many sessions will I require? tricky to answer without assessment.

 A rough average is 3-5. Some people require or prefer more and others require fewer. its difficult to say without seeing you. 



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 Please Note: 24hours notice is required for cancellation of appointments



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