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Alexia Elliott Therapist, Teacher, Co-founder/Author of Mindpods Personal development E-books, audio products & Talkingcures Training

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Empowerment Hypnotherapy 

Life is meant to be lived


Alexia Elliott – Therapist – Spiritual Mentor - Life Enthusiast




Alexia Elliott, Inspirational  Spiritual Mentor,  Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner.





Take back your power and free yourself to live the authentic, fulfilled life that you were meant to live.



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“Anyone can be a therapist these days,

it takes an amazing soul to be a real therapist!

And that’s Alexia - a godsend” – J. Ark


In the past 20 years, Alexia has helped thousands of people make the changes that transformed their lives for the better. Empowerment Hypnotherapy, is based on Alexia’s unique approach and a method her clients describe as an engaging, uplifting and simply amazing process. In her work, Alexia combines an effective blend of hypnosis with different therapeutic techniques, spirituality and a down-to-earth attitude that goes way beyond the limitations of traditional therapy.  


People come to Alexia, because she gets them. She has a reputation for being an active listener who uses her intuition, understanding and empathy to quickly gain access to the core of the problem. Her warm, enthusiastic energy and her passion for life immediately make you feel at ease and hopeful, willing to face whatever difficulty you are struggling with.


Hypnotherapy with Alexia provides you with an extraordinary tool that’ll  help you create change in your life – fast and effectively.


A typical session with Alexia starts out with a conversation in a relaxed and safe environment in which she guides you on your search for the root cause of your problem. You will explore, learn about and recognize patterns and unwanted behaviours, become clearer about your existing situation and you will slowly begin to see and recognize solutions. This often times challenging inner work is followed by hypnosis, which completes your session in a relaxed, balanced and centred state.


If one or more of the following statements resonate with you, a Hypnotherapy session with Alexia will help you feel better faster, improve your outlook on life and restore your wellbeing and health:


I feel overwhelmed emotionally

I feel out of control

I can't stop thinking, or just can't seem to switch off

I have tried many therapies, but still don't know why I feel or act in the way I do

I have no direction or purpose in life, I feel lost

I am unable to let go of old traumas, and feel as though I keep reliving them

I feel there is a part of me missing

I feel afraid

I do not like myself

I am so unhappy


Alexia infuses traditional Hypnotherapy with specific therapeutic and spiritual tools that help create remarkable outcomes and accelerate the process.


Many of her clients are attracted to the spiritual aspects of her sessions, as Empowerment Hypnotherapy also incorporates Spirituality, and shamanism, an ancient healing tradition and way of life that focuses on our connection to nature and promotes the wellbeing of all creation.


It’s a practice that enables people to find their own power, to be more authentic, to gain clarity and have a better vision of what they want. And it allows for many different spiritual and religious beliefs to be part of the therapy.


Are you ready to transform your life?


Explore the possibilities and enjoy exceptional results with a method that incorporates inspiring elements and creates impressive solution-focused outcomes through



Neurolinguistic programming (NLP)

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

Timeline therapy


A variety of spiritual approaches


Real life experience

and a good pinch of humour!


Let Alexia be your guide on an enjoyable journey where you are the one in control.



The one regret repeatedly heard from Empowerment Hypnotherapy clients? -

“I wish I’d have come sooner!”



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